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Barbra on TV: The 1980s

Neil Diamond and Barbra at Grammy Awards Diana Kind on Sassoon show Barry Gibb and Streisand at Grammy Awards

22nd Grammy Awards

February 27, 1980


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Your New Day with Vidal Sassoon

November 1980


Hosted by hair designer Vidal Sassoon, Your New Day was a half-hour, regular format which featured self-help segments, and was billed as an 'energy and self-awareness show.' Streisand's mother, Diana Kind, appeared on a “famous moms” segment of the show and shared photos of Barbra, sister Roslyn Kind, and brother Sheldon. At one point, Streisand called into the show, and Diana talked to her over the telephone. Sassoon also asked Diana to sing; she sang “You're My Everything” a cappella.

23rd Grammy Awards

February 25, 1981


Barbra & Barry Gibb present Best Rock Vocal Performance Male award. Barbra to Barry: “I feel like I’m cheating on Neil Diamond...”

I Love Liberty Streisand presents BAFTA Geraldo Rivera and Streisand

I Love Liberty

March 21, 1982


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36th BAFTA Awards

March 1983

BBC, United Kingdom

Streisand presented the British Academy of Film & Television Arts award to director Richard Attenborough for Ghandi.

20/20—Barbra Streisand: Papa Watch Me Fly

November 17, 1983


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Interview segment from A Film is Born City Lights Today Show interview

Barbra Streisand: A Film Is Born

November 1983


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City Lights: Barbra & Brian

December 15, 1983

Canadian Citytv & USA cable

60-minute Streisand interview by Brian Linehan about Yentl.

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The Today Show

December 5—9, 1983


3-part interview with Gene Shalit about Yentl

Awards Time Golden Globes Grand Echiquier

Awards Time with Charles Champlin

January 1984

Z Channel

Streisand sat for an in-depth interview with Champlin on local Los Angeles cable station.

Golden Globe Awards

January 28, 1984


Streisand won “Best Director” award for Yentl.

Official video of Streisand's win


Grand Echiquier

Early Spring, 1984

French TV

After Michel Legrand & Alan and Marilyn Bergman sang through some of the songs they've written, Barbra joined them. Sitting next to Legrand, she harmonized with him on “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life”; then they sang a few bars of “The Way He Makes Me Feel.”

Streisand and Legrand on Champs Elysees A la Une Auf Los Geht's Los


March 17, 1984

French TV

Barbra, with Michel Legrand, was coaxed into singing a few bars of “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?”

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Barbra á la Une

March 20, 1984

French TV

Barbra was interviewed about Yentl by French singer Sacha Distel.

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Auf Los Geht´s Los

March 24, 1984

German TV

Barbra appeared on this German gameshow to promote Yentl.

Domenica In Channel 4 interview Breakfast Time interview

Domenica In

March 25, 1984

Italian TV

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Channel 4 News

March 29, 1984

United Kingdom

This interview with Barbra was broadcast on the night of the UK Premiere of Yentl.

Breakfast Time

March 30, 1984

BBC TV, United Kingdom

Streisand was interviewed on the red carpet at the London premiere of Yentl.

Coupe Ter Weyden Good Morning America Barbara Walters Special

Coupe Ter Weÿden

April 2, 1984

Dutch TV

Good Morning America

April 4—5, 1984


Barbra spoke with host David Hartman about Yentl via satellite from Jerusalem.

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The Barbara Walters Special

September 13, 1985


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Putting It Together 1986 Grammy Streisand on 1986 Oscars

“Putting It Together”: The Making Of The Broadway Album

January 11, 1986


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28th Grammy Awards

February 25, 1986


Barbra presented the Trustees Award to George and Ira Gershwin. Gershwin's widow, Leonore, accepted on stage. “I don't appear very often, but with these two gentlemen, it was impossible to turn down,” Streisand told the press room. Barbra made the black pinstriped suit jacket she wore and the silk handkerchief and ribbon tie accessories. “I like to wear men's clothes, but I wanted to have a long skirt, so I designed this.”

58th Annual Academy Awards

March 24, 1986


Barbra entered after a montage of film clips to her recording of “Putting It Together”. Barbra presented Sydney Pollack with Best Director Oscar.

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Today Show 1986 One Voice concert 1987 Grammy

The Today Show

September 15—17, 1986


Gloria Steinem interviewed Streisand the day after she sang live (One Voice).

One Voice

December 27, 1986


Live concert. Read more.

29th Grammy Awards

February 24, 1987


Barbra won a Grammy for The Broadway Album.

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Funny You Don't Look 200 Today Show Midday Show

Funny, You Don't Look 200

October 12, 1987


Host Richard Dreyfuss, who co-wrote and co-produced this birthday salute to the American Constitution, called on celebrity friends to perform on the special, including appearances by Emilio Estevez, Whoopi Goldberg, and Barbra Streisand. The preamble to the show was the preamble to the Constitution, its words and phrases spliced together as spoken by celebrities like Steven Spielberg, Amy Irving, Goldie Hawn and James Woods. The “people” in “We the people” was supplied by an old clip of Barbra Streisand singing “People.”

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The Today Show

November 18—20, 1987


Gene Shalit conducted a 3-part interview with Barbra. Richard Dreyfuss joined Barbra in part three to talk about Nuts.

The Midday Show

February 1988

Nine Network—Australian TV

GMTV Showfenster Prisma


February 1988

United Kingdom

A 4-part interview which Barbra did with Mike Morris to promote Nuts. She talked about Nuts, Yentl, the press, her fear of performing live, her talent, Jason and Marlon Brando etc.


February 1988

German TV

Host Sabine Sauer interviewed Streisand about Nuts.


February 27, 1988

Italian TV

Pelicula interviewer 1988 Today Show 1986 Miami Vice

De Pelìcula

[Air date unknown—1988]

Streisand speaks to interviewer about Nuts.

People's Choice Awards

March 13, 1988

In a pre-filmed segment, Barbra accepted the “All Time Favorite Musical Performer” Award. After Barbra's speech, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra (pre-filmed) appeared on screen to tell Barbra she'd “done good. We love you!”

Miami Vice

March 18, 1988


Streisand cameo. Read more.

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  1989 SANE  

SANE Kids Say No

June 16, 1988

Los Angeles KHJ

Streisand and then-boyfriend Don Johnson both appeared on KHJ-TV Channel 9. With the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, KHJ presented an eight-hour telethon aimed at increasing community support for the sheriff's SANE (Substance Abuse Narcotics Education) program, "SANE Kids Say No." Streisand's bit was pre-recorded. Facing the camera, she said: “Substance abuse and its evil effects have reached catastrophic levels in our community. To effectively impact this plague, the appetite for drugs must be reduced through education. Success requires that we start at the youngest possible age. Programs like SANE in our elementary schools hold the key. Let us not forget that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”


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