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Jack Paar Show

Streisand on Jack Paar Show

April 5 & May 22, 1961

PM East (with Mike Wallace)

Group W

The Today Show

April 4, 1962

The Garry Moore Show

May 29, 1962

The Merv Griffin Show

Possibly Broadcast November 5, 1962

The Tonight Show

Tonight Show
August 1962—March 1963

The Ed Sullivan Show

Ed Sullivan 1962
December 16, 1962

Barbra sang a dramatic version of “My Coloring Book.” Then, as the curtain lowered behind her, Barbra sang an uptempo “Lover, Come Back To Me.”

Boston Ballroom

early February 1963
WHDH-TV, Boston

Boston Ballroom ad


Local Boston TV show, hosted by Bob Clayton, which aired Saturday afternoons; Streisand reportedly sang “My Coloring Book”

Mike Douglas Show

Mike Douglas Show
February 11-15, 1963
KYW, Cleveland, Ohio

Memory Lane with Joe Franklin

Memory Lane
February 14, 1963
Local New York broadcast, WOR

The Ed Sullivan Show

Streisand on Sullivan Show
March 24, 1963

The camera tracked toward a New York apartment set, revealing Barbra sitting in the window of one of the apartments. She sang “Cry Me A River”.

The Dinah Shore Show

Dinah Shore Show
May 12, 1963

The Ed Sullivan Show

Ed Sullivan Show
June 9, 1963

Barbra sang “When the Sun Comes Out” against a backdrop of umbrellas. The performance is available on the DVD The Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show: Unforgettable Performances Volume 1.

Kup's Show

June 15, 1963

While performing in Chicago at Mister Kelly's, Streisand appeared on local Sun-Times columnist Irv Kupcinet's TV talk show.

The Keefe Brasselle Show

June 25, 1963

The Jack Barry Show

August 16, 1963
KTLA, Los Angeles

Television listings show Streisand appeared on the show with actor Robert Stack. Jack Barry's show was a local show, featuring celebrities performing in Los Angeles who wanted to promote their appearances.

Don Lamond Show

Unknown: August - September 1963
KTTV, Los Angeles

Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon / March of Dimes Telethon

September 1963

A Bob Hope Comedy Special

Bob Hope Show
September 27, 1963

The Judy Garland Show

Judy Garland Show
October 6, 1963

Stars Salute ‘64

Syndicated, 1964

The Ed Sullivan Show

March 29, 1964

Streisand (sitting next to husband Eliott Gould) was announced by Sullivan and took her bow from the audience.

What’s My Line?

What's My Line
April 12, 1964
April 25, 1965

The Les Crane Show

January 7, 1965

The annual Cue Magazine awards for outstanding performances were broadcast on Les Crane's late show ... Barbra Streisand— the previous year's winner — introduced Sammy Davis, Jr. with her usual humor.


There is an old proverb that says it is better to give than to receive ... Last year it was my pleasure to receive and this year I must give. And I must tell you, it is better to receive! Kidding aside, two years ago the fantastic Zero Mostel won this award, and last year I was fortunate to win it, and this year one of the greatest entertainers in the world is going to win it. There's another proverb, coincidently, that says things go in threes. So for the owners of Cue Magazine, next year a Gentile is going to get it!

My Name is Barbra

My Name is Barbra
April 28, 1965

Barbra's first one-hour special.

17th Emmy Awards

Emmy Awards
September 12, 1965

Barbra won her first Emmy for “Outstanding Individual Achievement by an Actor or Performer” for My Name is Barbra.

Mies en Scene

Dutch Television
1966 (Broadcast date unknown)
Dutch Television

Late Night Line-Up

Late Night Line Up
BBC, United Kingdom
March 17, 1966

Watch it on YouTube >>

Late Night Line-Up

Late Night Line Up
BBC2, United Kingdom
Interviewed by Michael Dean
July 17, 1966

Watch it on YouTube >>

Color Me Barbra

Color Me Barbra
March 30, 1966

Barbra's second one-hour special.

Tony Awards

1967 Tony Awards
March 26, 1967

Barbra presented the “Best Musical” Tony Award to Kander and Ebb for Cabaret.

Multiple Sclerosis Commercial

Multiple Sclerosis ad


The Belle of 14th Street

Belle of 14th Street
October 11, 1967

Barbra's third one-hour special.

40th Academy Awards

Sammy Davis and Streisand
April 10, 1968

Barbra, wearing a curly wig, presented “Best Song” Oscar with Bob Hope to Sammy Davis Jr. for “Talk to the Animals” from Doctor Dolittle.


Watch Official Oscar YouTube video here.

A Happening in Central Park

A Happening in Central Park
September 16, 1968

Barbra's fourth one-hour special.

Kraft Music Hall

Kraft Music Hall
September 18, 1968

The Joey Bishop Show

Joey Bishop Show 1968
October 10, 1968

Maxwell House “Christmas Album” Commercial

Maxwell House Commercial

Read more about it here.

“Funny Barbra” (French TV)

French Interview 1969
French Television—1ere chaîne
January 16, 1969

Filmed during the London premiere of the film version of Funny Girl. Barbra speaks some French in the interview. Footage of London premiere shown.


Watch it on YouTube (if still available) >>

Late Night Line-Up

BBC Interview 1969
BBC, United Kingdom
January 15, 1969

41st Annual Academy Awards

1969 Academy Awards
April 14, 1969

Read more here ...

The Ed Sullivan Show

Ed Sullivan Show 1969
September 28, 1969

Barbra appeared on Ed Sullivan's show to help him celebrate his 23rd season premiere. Her medley from Hello, Dolly! was taped in Las Vegas at the International Hotel during the second week of her engagement there. You can view a video of Barbra's Dolly! medley here.

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Spécial Michel Legrand

Special Michel Legrand with Streisand
February 19, 1970
French Television—2eme chaîne

42nd Academy Awards

John Wayne and Barbra Streisand
April 7, 1970

Barbra presented “Best Actor” Oscar to John Wayne. She flirted with the audience by tearing open the envelope then saying, “I’m not gonna tell ya.” Streisand wore a custom pink Arnold Scaasi silk gown, decorated with sequined and beaded buttons and a matching pillbox hat.


Official Oscar video on YouTube >>

Tony Awards

Streisand on Tony Awards
April 19, 1970

Read More ...

Ed Sullivan Show [Entertainer of the Year Awards]

Entertainer of the Year Awards
September 20, 1970

Ed Sullivan devoted his entire show to the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) first annual "Entertainer of the Year" Awards, and taped it at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


Sullivan introduced a video clip of Barbra Streisand singing “On A Clear Day” from 1969’s International Hotel concert.


Then, New York’s Mayor Lindsay welcomed Barbra onstage to accept Georgie Award for “Best Female Musical Star.” Streisand couldn't make it to Vegas, so her segment was taped in New York.

A World of Love

A World of Love
December 22, 1970

Singer Presents Burt Bacharach

Bacharach and Streisand
March 14, 1971

The David Frost Show

David Frost Show
Spring 1971 (unaired)
Group W Network

Barbra was Frost's only guest as he asked her questions about motherhood and invited her to sing two songs live for the studio audience: “Didn’t We” and “I Don’t Know Where I Stand.” The interview with David Frost was never aired due to legal issues: Streisand had an unfulfilled contract for television specials with CBS, and Frost's show aired on Group W. (You can watch of clip of the interview & Streisand singing “Didn’t We” on YouTube.)

Nat. Assoc. for Retarded Children (NARC)

NARC ads
1971 Public Service Commercial

The Entertainer of the Year Awards

January 14, 1972

Read More ...

Barbra Streisand And Other Musical Instruments

Other Musical Instruments
November 2, 1973

Barbra's fifth one-hour special.

Today Show

Streisand on Today Show
February 21-22, 1975

Barbara Walters' first interview with Barbra Streisand was on the Today Show in 1975.

People’s Choice Awards

Peoples Choice Awards
March 4, 1975

Streisand won the 1st Annual “Favorite Motion Picture Actress” People's Choice Award. At the podium she said: “This award has a special meaning for me because I've always had the greatest respect for audiences. It's uncanny but they cannot be fooled. You cannot be fooled. You keep an actor honest because you are the finest barometer of the truth, so, I'm really very proud to receive this award from you, the audience. Thank you all very, very much.


Watch Official People's Choice video here >>

Funny Girl to Funny Lady

Funny Girl to Funny Lady
March 9, 1975

AFI Salute to William Wyler

William Wyler TV Show
March 14, 1976

Barbra was one of the stars who came onstage to toast William Wyler at the AFI ceremony. Wyler was Streisand’s director for Funny Girl. “I’m gonna surprise you, Willie,” Streisand teased, wearing her new, curly hairdo. “I’m only gonna speak for a minute, ya know? Not like the old days on the set.”


Watch it on YouTube >>

The Barbara Walters Special

Barbara Walters Special
December 14, 1976

Read more here.

Geraldo Rivera’s Good Night America

Streisand on Geraldo Rivera's Show
January 27, 1977

Barbra's A Star is Born held an opening party at New York's Tavern on the Green, with Streisand wearing a tuxedo. Television journalist Geraldo Rivera was at the party with his cameras and interviewed Barbra, Jon Peters, and Kris Kristofferson. The footage aired a few weeks later on Geraldo Rivera’s Good Night America.


Watch the entire show at

Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards 1977
January 30, 1977

A Star is Born won “Best Musical,” “Best Actress,” & “Best Song.” Jon Peters joined Barbra onstage

People’s Choice Awards

Streisand wins Peoples Choice Award 1977
February 10, 1977

Barbra won “Favorite Motion Picture Actress”


Watch the official video >>

19th Grammy Awards

1977 Grammy Awards
February 19, 1977

Barbra presented the “Record of the Year” award to George Benson for “This Masquerade”. Before she gave out the award, Barbra said: “No matter what I've done, I feel that my roots are in the music business. I'm very proud to be part of an industry where the sheer talent is so overwhelming. And I think that it's probably the reason that there's genuine respect from one artist to another.


Watch it on YouTube >>

Barbra: With One More Look At You

With One Look at You
Syndicated, 1977

Documentary about the making of A Star is Born; featured live footage of Streisand singing at Sun Devil Stadium. Read More ...

49th Academy Awards

Streisand sings Evergreen at Oscars
March 28, 1977

Barbra sang “Evergreen,” won Oscar for co-writing song.


Watch Oscar video of Barbra and Paul Williams accepting the award ...

Iain Johnstone Interview

Iain Johnstone interview 1977
April 6, 1977

20th Grammy Awards

1978 Grammy Awards
February 23, 1978

Streisand and Paul Williams won Grammy for “Evergreen” (Best Song of the Year).


Watch Official Grammy video >>

The Stars Salute Israel at 30

Stars Salute Israel at 30
May 8, 1978

Up Close with David Sheehan

David Sheehan interviews Streisand
December 6, 1978

Watch excerpts from this interview on YouTube >>

AFI Salutes Alfred Hitchcock

Getting in Shape for The Main Event
March 12, 1979

Streisand was one of many celebrities in the audience at the salute to director Alfred Hitchock. She appeared a couple of times on the television broadcast in audience reaction shots.

Getting in Shape for The Main Event

Getting in Shape for The Main Event
Syndicated, June 21, 1979

Documentary about the making of The Main Event. An edited version was included on the Warner Brothers DVD.

The Mike Walsh Show

Mike Walsh Show
August 13-16, 1979
Nine Network, Australia

Great multi-part interview by John Michael Howson with Streisand at her Malibu home.

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22nd Grammy Awards

Streisand and Neil Diamond
February 27, 1980

Streisand sang “You Don't Bring Me Flowers” with Neil Diamond.

Your New Day with Vidal Sassoon

Diana Kind on Your New Day

November 1980

Hosted by hair designer Vidal Sassoon, Your New Day was a half-hour, regular format which featured self-help segments, and was billed as an 'energy and self-awareness show.'


Streisand's mother, Diana Kind, appeared on a “famous moms” segment of the show and shared photos of Barbra, sister Roslyn Kind, and brother Sheldon. At one point, Streisand called into the show, and Diana talked to her over the telephone.


Sassoon also asked Diana to sing; she sang “You're My Everything” a cappella.

23rd Grammy Awards

Gibb and Streisand
February 25, 1981

Barbra & Barry Gibb present Best Rock Vocal Performance Male award. Barbra to Barry: “I feel like I’m cheating on Neil Diamond...”


Watch Official Grammy video excerpt >>

I Love Liberty

I Love Liberty
March 21, 1982

36th BAFTA Awards

1983 BAFTA Awards
BBC, United Kingdom
March 1983

Streisand presented the British Academy of Film & Television Arts award to director Richard Attenborough for Ghandi.

20/20—Barbra Streisand: Papa Watch Me Fly

Geraldo Rivera and Streisand
November 17, 1983

Barbra Streisand: A Film Is Born

A Film is Born
Syndicated, November 1983

Documentary about the making of Yentl.

City Lights: Barbra & Brian

City Lights
December 15, 1983
Canadian Citytv & USA cable

60-minute Streisand interview by Brian Linehan about Yentl.

Today Show

Today Show
December 5—9, 1983

3-part interview with Gene Shalit about Yentl.

Awards Time with Charles Champlin

January 1984
Z Channel

Streisand sat for an in-depth interview with Champlin on local Los Angeles cable station.

Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards
January 28, 1984

Streisand won “Best Director” award for Yentl.


Official video of Streisand's win is here >>

Grand Echiquier

Grand Echiquier
Early Spring, 1984
French TV

After Michel Legrand & Alan and Marilyn Bergman sang through some of the songs they've written, Barbra joined them. Sitting next to Legrand, she harmonized with him on “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life”; then they sang a few bars of “The Way He Makes Me Feel.”


Streisand on Champs Elysees
March 17, 1984
French TV

Barbra, with Michel Legrand, was coaxed into singing a few bars of “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?”

Watch it on YouTube >>

Barbra á la Une

Barbra a la Une
March 20, 1984
French TV

Barbra was interviewed about Yentl by French singer Sacha Distel.


Watch it on YouTube (if still available...) >>

Auf Los Geht´s Los

Auf Los Lehts Los
March 24, 1984
German TV

Barbra appeared on this German gameshow to promote Yentl.

Domenica In

Domenica In
March 25, 1984
Italian TV

Watch it on YouTube (if still available) >>

Channel 4 News

Channel 4 interview
March 29, 1984
United Kingdom

This interview with Barbra was broadcast on the night of the UK Premiere of Yentl.

Breakfast Time

Breakfast Time UK BBC
March 30, 1984
BBC TV, United Kingdom

Streisand was interviewed on the red carpet at the London premiere of Yentl.

Coupe Ter Weÿden

Coupe Ter Weyden
April 2, 1984
Dutch TV

Good Morning America

Barbra on Good Morning America
April 4—5, 1984

Barbra does Yentl promotion via satellite from Jerusalem.

The Barbara Walters Special

Barbara Walters Special
September 13, 1985

Streisand appeared on the Barbara Walters Special in 1985 to discuss The Broadway Album.

“Putting It Together”: The Making Of The Broadway Album

HBO Special
January 11, 1986

Barbra's first television special for HBO.

28th Grammy Awards

Streisand on Grammys
February 25, 1986

Barbra presented the Trustees Award to George and Ira Gershwin. Gershwin's widow, Leonore, accepted on stage.


“I don't appear very often, but with these two gentlemen, it was impossible to turn down,” Streisand told the press room.


Barbra made the black pinstriped suit jacket she wore and the silk handkerchief and ribbon tie accessories. “I like to wear men's clothes, but I wanted to have a long skirt, so I designed this.”

58th Annual Academy Awards

Streisand at 1986 Oscars
March 24, 1986

Barbra entered after a montage of film clips to her recording of “Putting It Together”. Barbra presented Sydney Pollack with Best Director Oscar.

Today Show

Steinem and Streisand on Today Show
September 15—17, 1986

Gloria Steinem interviewed Streisand the day after she sang live (One Voice).

One Voice

One Voice
December 27, 1986

Barbra's seventh 68-minute special; her second for HBO.

29th Grammy Awards

Streisand wins Grammy
February 24, 1987

Barbra wins a Grammy for The Broadway Album.


Watch Official Grammy video here >>

Funny, You Don't Look 200

October 12, 1987

Host Richard Dreyfuss, who co-wrote and co-produced this birthday salute to the American Constitution, called on celebrity friends to perform on the special, including appearances by Emilio Estevez, Whoopi Goldberg, and Barbra Streisand.


The preamble to the show was the preamble to the Constitution, its words and phrases spliced together as spoken by celebrities like Steven Spielberg, Amy Irving, Goldie Hawn and James Woods. The “people” in “We the people” was supplied by an old clip of Barbra Streisand singing “People.”

Today Show

November 18—20, 1987

Gene Shalit conducted a 3-part interview with Barbra. Richard Dreyfuss joined Barbra in part three to talk about Nuts.

The Midday Show

February 1988
Australian TV


GMTV 1988
February 1988
United Kingdom

A 4 part interview which Barbra did with Mike Morris to promote Nuts. She talked about Nuts, Yentl, the press, her fear of performing live, her talent, Jason and Marlon Brando etc.


February 1988
German TV, host Sabine Sauer

Interview about Nuts


February 27, 1988
Italian TV

People's Choice Awards

Barbra on Peoples Choice
March 13, 1988

In a pre-filmed segment, Barbra accepted the “All Time Favorite Musical Performer” Award. After Barbra's speech, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra (pre-filmed) appeared on screen to tell Barbra she'd “done good. We love you!”

Miami Vice

Streisang cameo on MIAMI VICE
March 18, 1988

In the episode “Badge Of Dishonor,” Streisand (who was dating Vice star Don Johnson at the time) agreed to make a cameo appearance. Eagle-eyed Streisand fans can spy her wearing a black outfit and boots, walking past Johnson on a Miami dock. [Read more about Barbra shooting this scene here.]


You can watch the entire episode over at >>

Sane Kids Say No

June 16, 1988
Los Angeles KHJ

Streisand and then-boyfriend Don Johnson both appeared on KHJ-TV Channel 9. With the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, KHJ presented an eight-hour telethon aimed at increasing community support for the sheriff's SANE (Substance Abuse Narcotics Education) program, "SANE Kids Say No." Streisand's bit was pre-recorded. Facing the camera, she said: “Substance abuse and its evil effects have reached catastrophic levels in our community. To effectively impact this plague, the appetite for drugs must be reduced through education. Success requires that we start at the youngest possible age. Programs like SANE in our elementary schools hold the key. Let us not forget that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”


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The Earth Day Special

The Earth Day Special
April 22, 1990

This is Your Life

1991 This is Your Life
February 20, 1991

This episode of the long-running British series focused on the life story of the Bee Gees. At one point during the program, Streisand provided a pre-recorded message to the pop group and especially Barry Gibb: “Ten years ago Barry and I collaborated on an album. I'll never forget the experience. It was the most fun I ever had making a record. And tonight, all of the Gibb brothers are being honored by This is Your Life. Am I happy to be part of the celebration? I plead ... guilty.”


(Note: Looks like Streisand also filmed her Here's Looking At You, Warner Bros. appearance on the same day! See that entry below in 1993.)


[Watch it on YouTube]

63rd Academy Awards

1991 Oscars
March 25, 1991

Barbra presented “Best Director” award to Kevin Costner.


Watch Official Oscar video excerpt >>

60 Minutes

60 Minutes
November 24, 1991

Mike Wallace made Barbra cry during a Prince of Tides interview when he badgered her about her step-father.

This Morning

This Morning
December 12th, 1991

Barbra was interviewed at the U.S premiere of The Prince of Tides for this U.K. TV programme. Barbra discussed women directing, making her dreams reality, etc.

Today Show

Today Show 1991
December 16—18, 1991

3-part interview with Gene Shalit for Prince of Tides.

CBS This Morning

CBS This Morning
December 19—20, 1991

Steve Kmetko interviewed Streisand about The Prince of Tides.

Special Look at Barbra Streisand & The Prince of Tides

Special Look at Prince of Tides
December 18, 1991
E! Cable Channel

Larry King Live

Larry King Live Interview
February 6, 1992

TV Show

Dutch TV Show
February 1992
TROS T2, Holland


February 1992
United Kingdom

Barbra did an interview with Paul Gambiccini talking about The Prince of Tides and her Grammy Legend Award.


February 19, 1992
RTL, Germany

Interview about Prince of Tides

01-For London

O1 for London
February 1992

Presented by the late Paula Yates.

Aspel & Company: Aspel Meets Barbra Streisand

Aspel Interviews Streisand
February 22, 1992
ITV, United Kingdom

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live cameo
February 22, 1992

34th Grammy Awards

1992 Grammy Awards
February 25, 1992

Barbra received the Legend Award presented by Stephen Sondheim.

20H News, Entertainment Report

Streisand on Channel 2, France
February 25, 1992
France 2 Network, France

Interviewed in London by a French reporter, Barbra answered some of the questions in French about The Prince of Tides.


Watch the video here >>

64th Academy Awards

1992 Oscards
March 30, 1992

Barbra's film, The Prince of Tides, was nominated for seven Oscars. Streisand was shown several times on camera in the audience.


Her gown that evening was by Nolan Miller.

Voices For Change ‘92

Voices For Change
September 16, 1992
C-SPAN Cable

American Reunion: The 52nd Presidential Inaugural Gala

Streisand sings for Clintons
January 19, 1993

Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric

Streisand interviewed by Couric
January 20, 1993

Covering the Clinton Inaugural festivities, Katie Couric interviewed Barbra Streisand at the Arkansas Ball.


Katie: Why did you come by this particular ball?

Streisand: (laughs) Because I think President Clinton is coming here [...] It's not like what I expected. You know, like when you saw President Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy? It was in a big hallway. I don't know, it's not what I imagined.

Katie: Why was it so important for you and other people from Hollywood to attend this inauguration?

Streisand: Me and people like me have been very disastified with the government for the last 12 years. I feel that people can really make a difference. So my foundation supported a lot of Get Out The Vote, the women's vote—after all, we're 52 percent of the population and we're not represented in government. And I think people really realize that they can make a difference, that one vote counts, you know? So we felt impowered. And people of color, and Jewish people, and women ... we elected this man! He is of the people. We chose him.

Katie: [...] Were you terrified to sing in front of that many people [at the Inaugural Gala]?

Streisand: I did it the night before for the people who came for free. They just had to bring a bag of groceries for the homeless, which I thought was lovely. Yeah, I haven't sung for 18,000 people since McGovern, 1972. But I must say the people are wonderful. They're yelling out things from the stands, “Barbra, you're like butter,” and it was very nice to feel them, you know? And I just feel so celebratory that we have this new and vibrant, young leadership that this country really needs. I wanted to feel a part of history.

Here's Looking At You, Warner Bros.

Heres Looking at You Warner Brothers
March 27, 1993
TNT Cable Network

In this documentary about Warner Brothers Studio, Streisand introduced a segment about actress/dancer Ruby Keeler.

65th Academy Awards

March 29, 1993

Barbra presented “Best Director” award to Clint Eastwood


Barbara Walters interviews Streisand on ABC
November 19, 1993

Barbra's auction of her antiques and her pending New Year's Eve concert at the MGM Grand gave her another opportunity to get together with Barbara Walters in 1993. Read more.

The Tonight Show

As If We Never Said Goodbye on Tonight Show
December 31, 1993

Jay Leno and the Tonight Show produced some very funny segments with celebrity Streisand fan (and exercise guru) Richard Simmons outside the MGM Grand. Leno showed a brief but amazing clip of Barbra singing "As If We Never Said Goodbye", which, unfortunately got cut short before the climax.

Barbra Streisand: The Tour Of The Century

Tour of the Century
April 20, 1994
E! Entertainment

The Late Show with David Letterman

Streisand on Letterman
June 28, 1994

Letterman had a running gag about not being able to get Streisand tickets. Barbra walked on Letterman's set and presented him with tickets to her New York concert and asked him to stop kvetching!

Primetime Live

Tough Tickets
July 7, 1994

“Tough Tickets” story about Streisand's concerts. Footage shown of Streisand in cream gown singing “Evergreen” in New York, and “People”.

Barbra Streisand: The Concert

The Concert
August 21, 1994

The Artist As Citizen speech

February 3, 1995

Of her speech at Harvard, Streisand has said “I made the point then and many times since that artists are citizens first and artists second. We have opinions and ideas, just like anybody else. The difference is that we are given more visibility from which to speak - so we have to be informed and we have to be responsible, but it doesn't mean we have to be quiet.”


View and order a copy of the speech at C-Span Archives >>

Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story

Streisand on Cammermeyer DVD
February 6, 1995

Glenn Close played Cammermeyer and Streisand Executive Produced this film for NBC.

Read more.

Barbra Streisand: The Concert

Mike Myers on CBS Broadcast
May 21, 1995

CBS broadcast a slightly longer version of the HBO concert which included (a) Mike Myers as Linda Richman, (b) The Disney Medley, (c) “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?”

Larry King Live

Larry King
June 6, 1995

47th Emmy Awards

1995 Emmy Awards
September 10, 1995

For Barbra Streisand: The Concert, Barbra won Emmys for “Outstanding Individual Performance”, and “Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special”.

Today Show

Streisand interviewed on 1995 Today Show
September 11, 1995

Streisand was interviewed backstage after her Emmy win.

Entertainment Tonight

Streisand backstage with ET in 1995
September 11, 1995

Streisand talked to ET on their special backstage Emmy set about her win.

Color Me Barbra (Rebroadcast)

Gotta Move
September 14, 1995

19 years after it originally aired, CBS rebroadcast Color Me Barbra—slightly edited for time.

Sinatra: 80 Years My Way

Streisand toasts Sinatra
December 14, 1995

In a videotaped tribute which was shot on the set of The Mirror Has Two Faces, Streisand toasted Sinatra, holding a glass of wine. “Hello gorgeous! Happy 80th. We're all so happy you did it your way. Happy birthday, Frank.”

TN Show

Barbra on Argentina Show
1996 (Broadcast date unknown)

The Mirror Has Two Faces interview.

Corazón Corazón

1996 Spanish Interview
1996 (Broadcast date unknown)
Spain, TVE

Barbra Streisand Behind The Scenes: The Mirror Has Two Faces

Mirror Has Two Faces Showtimes
November 10, 1996


Streisand on Oprah
November 11, 1996

Streisand did publicity for The Mirror Has Two Faces.


Jane Pauley on Dateline
November 12, 1996

Jane Pauley interviewed Barbra about The Mirror Has Two Faces.


Today Show Interview
November 12—13, 1996

Katie Couric interviewed Barbra.

Good Morning America

Good Morning America
November 13—14, 1996

Streisand interviewed by Joel Siegel.

CBS This Morning

November 1996

Mark McEwen interviewed Streisand about The Mirror Has Two Faces.

“The Mirror Has Two Faces” Premiere

E! Mirror Premiere
November 14, 1996
E! Entertainment

Steve Kmetko interviewed cast members at New York's Tavern on the Green opening party. Streisand's interview was pre-recorded on a special set.

Brian Linehan Special (Canada)

Brian Linehand Special
November 16, 1996

Brian Linehan, who'd interviewed Streisand for his City Lights show in 1983, sat down with her, Jeff Bridges, and Lauren Bacall to discuss The Mirror Has Two Faces. Taped on the Mirror publicity junket set, Linehan said he received 30 minutes with Streisand. Other reporters had 5 minutes.

60 Minutes (Australia)

November 24, 1996

Streisand was interviewed on the Australian version of the U.S. show about The Mirror Has Two Faces.

Rescuers: Stories of Courage


Streisand Executive Produced and introduced the series on camera.

Des O'Connor Tonight

Des OConnor Tonight
January 1, 1997

69th Academy Awards

March 24, 1997

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin attended, while Celine Dion sang Barbra's Oscar-nominated song “I Finally Found Someone.”

“Sowing Seeds, Reaping Peace”

Sowing Seeds screen caps
Summer, 1997
WNET, New York

Seeds of Peace is an organization “dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence.” Danny Schechter's documentary film about Seeds of Peace aired on WNET public television in New York during the summer of 1997. Barbra Streisand liked it enough to introduce it on camera.


Streisand and Brolin with Walters
November 14, 1997

In 1997, while engaged to James Brolin, Barbra Streisand and Barbara Walters got together again for an interview which plugged Barbra's new album, Higher Ground. The interview, shown on ABC's 20/20, featured rare footage from Barbra's 1993 New Year's Eve concert at the MGM Grand. Read more.

The Rosie O'Donnell Show

Streisand on Rosie ODonnell Show
Syndicated, November 21, 1997

Read more about the show here >>

TV7 Edizione Speciale

Edizione Speciale
January 1998
RAI1 (Italy)

Barbra Streisand: My Life

My Life
May 20, 1998
Nine Network, Australia

“If You Ever Leave Me” Columbia Records Teaser

Vince Gill and Streisand
September 1999

Today Show

Today Show
September 21—22, 1999

Streisand interviewed about A Love Like Ours album.

Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood
Sep 23, 1999

Streisand sat down with Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien to discuss her marriage, and A Love Like Ours.


September 27-29, 1997
Australia, Nine Network

Complete Streisand interview by Richard Wilkins. Barbra said she hoped to bring her new concert to Australia in late February.


September 28, 1997
France, TF1

Brief Streisand interview recorded in mid-September.


Prima Vincenzo Mollica
October 12, 1999
Rai Uno (Italian TV)

Streisand interviewed by Vincenzo Mollica about A Love Like Ours.

Clive James Meets Barbra Streisand

Clive James Show
October 16, 1999
ITV, United Kingdom

Shot in Malibu but aired in the UK, Barbra speaks with journalist Clive James (originally an Aussie) in a terrific, interesting hour-long program. Barbra speaks at great length about her career's formative years and brings us up to date, suggesting that she would consider returning to movies as actress or director but not both simultaneously. In discussing the new album, Barbra details how and why she met Jim Brolin, their relationship and personal growth together. “He's the yin to my yang, or I'm the yang to his yin (laughs).” Asked about how the press treats her today, Barbra admits candidly and bluntly: “I think they suck. I don't care how they treat me now,” and follows with an explanation of her website's Truth Alert — “We like to set the record straight.” On daily stock market trading, she says enthusiastically, “It's an interesting psychological game...involving patience, instinct, gambling in a casino only I'm in my bathrobe.”

The Rosie O'Donnell Show

Rosie Interviews Streisand in 1999
November 16, 1999

Read more about the show here >>

Streisand Exclusief: A Love Like Ours

Streisand and van Willigenburg
November 20, 1999
RTL 4, Holland

Streisand was interviewed by Hans van Willigenburg in Malibu.


Taratata Italian Show
Rai Uno, Italian TV
December 28, 1999

Streisand interviewed about A Love Like Ours.

ABC 2000

December 31, 1999

Host Peter Jennings showed an excerpted clip of Streisand singing “The Way We Were” from her TIMELESS Millenium Concert in Las Vegas.

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57th Golden Globe Awards

200 Golden Globes
January 23, 2000

Barbra received the Cecil B. DeMille Award.


Watch Streisand's speech from the Golden Globes >>

Daytime Emmy Awards

Daytime Emmys
May 19, 2000

Barbra Streisand honored Barbara Walters on the May 19th, 2000 Daytime Emmy Awards in a pre-recorded video. In the video tribute, Streisand said: "What a lifetime, and what a special body of achievement. I take pride that I was half of your very first show and that I was in such good company. Remember? President-Elect and Mrs. Carter? I can actually trace my life in the five interviews I've had of you. In fact, I was so tired of you badgering me about when and if I'd get married again, I did it. Now, what about you? Love, and congratulations."

Reel Models: The First Women of Film

Reel Models
May 30, 2000
AMC Cable

Barbra Streisand hosted and executive produced a brand-new TV documentary special called Reel Models: The First Women of Film, which premiered on American Movie Classics (AMC) on Tuesday, May 30, 2000 (8:00-9:00 p.m.). Co-executive produced with Cis Corman and directed by Emmy Award winners Susan and Christopher Koch (City of Hope), the program profiled the cinema's earliest female pioneers — Oscar-winning directors Dorothy Arzner (in whose name Women In Film presented Streisand with a special award in 1992), Lois Weber (actually the very first woman to direct, produce, write, and act in a theatrical feature back in the early silent era), and Alice Guy (a French film pioneer who invented the director's job), and screenwriter Frances Marion (a two-time Oscar winner who penned Garbo's first spoken words). Academy Award-winning actresses Shirley MacLaine, Susan Sarandon, and Hillary Swank, and Minnie Driver provide on-screen narration for each of the documentary's four segments. Barbra handles the opening and closing segments.



Walters interviews Streisand
November 3, 2000

Barbra's last Timeless concerts and the upcoming election were discussed as the two B's sat down in 2000 on ABC's 20/20 again. Read more.


Streisand on CSPAN
November 5, 2000

Barbra Streisand telephoned C-SPAN's live interview program on the “2000 Presidential Campaign” between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m. EST. Barbra's call-in followed the program's screening of excerpts from the Nov. 3 20/20 feature where Barbra discussed politics with Barbara Walters and showed some of her Aug. 17 speech at the Democrats' Nomination Celebration Concert in L.A.

The Rosie O'Donnell Show

November 6, 2000

O'Donnell showed a complete performance excerpt of “Send in the Clowns” from Streisand's Timeless television special.

E! Celebrity Profile

E! Celebrity Profile
February 6, 2001
E! Entertainment Television (Cable)

E! dedicated an hour to Streisand's career story, mostly utilizing excerpts from her television specials, plus stock footage.

Barbra Streisand: Timeless

February 14, 2001
May 25, 2001

Edited version of Barbra's 1999 Millenium special, which aired twice on FOX. The unedited version was released on VHS and DVD on February 20, 2001. You can order the DVD at >>

The Directors: Barbra Streisand

The Directors
April 4, 2001
Encore cable channel

Produced by Media Entertainment Inc. in cooperation with the American Film Institute (AFI), this first-ever stand-alone Streisand career documentary focuses on her three directorial efforts, Yentl, The Prince Of Tides, and The Mirror Has Two Faces. Featured is a never-before-seen interview with Barbra at home in Malibu discussing her work, as well as comments from Barbra's recent co-stars and collaborators, Lauren Bacall, Pierce Brosnan, Brenda Vaccaro, Mimi Rogers, Nick Nolte, and Marvin Hamlisch. Film clips and rare photographs are also shown.


“The Directors” DVD is available at >>

AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Barbra Streisand

American Film Institute Tribute
May 31, 2001

“Christmas Memories” Electronic Press Kit

Christmas Memories
Filmed August 28, 2001

Footage of Streisand lip-synching to songs from Christmas Memories (2001 album), filmed at her house in Malibu. Directed by Mike Meadows; Director of Photography: Rick Walker.

53rd Annual Emmy Awards

2001 Emmys
November 4, 2001

Streisand sang “You'll Never Walk Alone” in honor of the victims of the attacks of September 11th. David Foster arranged the song; Bob Esty arranged and conducted the choir behind Barbra.

74th Academy Awards

Oscar with Robert Redford
March 3, 2002

Barbra presented a special Oscar to Robert Redford.


[Watch Official Oscar video at YouTube here.]

75th Academy Awards

2003 Oscar appearance
March 3, 2003

Barbra presented Eminem with Oscar for Best Song; she also sat beside Meryl Streep in the group shot for 75th Oscar celebration.


Oprah 2003
October 14, 2003

Recorded in Chicago on September 10, 2003, Barbra performed “Smile” in front of a studio audience to promote The Movie Album.

Oprah After The Show

Oprah After the Show

October 14, 2003
Oxygen Cable Network

Streisand sat an extra half hour with Oprah for her Oxygen post-show series and took questions from the audience.

Inside The Actors Studio

Inside Actors Studio
March 21, 2004
NBC/Bravo Cable

AFI 100 Years 100 Songs

June 22, 2004

Barbra appeared on the show—“America's Greatest Music in the Movies” —commenting on her own movie songs, and others. Hosted by John Travolta.



December 2—3, 2004

“You know, you're my first interview,” Barbra told her goddaughter, Caleigh Peters, who interviewed Barbra for Extra during the Meet the Fockers press junket.

Dateline NBC

Dateline NBC
December 12, 2004

Barbra and the cast of Meet the Fockers talked to host Matt Lauer.

Moving Image Salutes John Travolta

Travolta Tribute
December 12, 2004
USA Cable

Barbra saluted her friend John Travolta in a pre-recorded segment. She said: “John, I'm glad your creative talents are so self-evident because it means that I can spend this time talking about what a mensch you are. The people there already know about all the great films we've loved you in for 30 years. But do they know how good-hearted you are? How sweet and generous? And what an all-around good person and father you are? And husband, I might add. I congratulate the American Museum of the Moving Image on its salute to you, and I want everyone to know that of all your talents—acting, dancing, piloting planes—the most impressive is your talent as a thoughtful, caring, and loving friend. And I adore you.”

77th Academy Awards

Hoffman and Streisand
February 27, 2005

Barbra and Dustin Hoffman presented “Best Picture.”

Good Morning America

Good Morning America
September 22 & 26, 2005

Diane Sawyer interviewed Streisand about Guilty Pleasures, with footage from the Primetime interview.

ABC Primetime

Primetime 2005
September 22, 2005

Diane Sawyer's 30 minute interview with Streisand. Rick Walker was Director of Photography for this interview segment.


October 17—18, 2005
UK Television

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen DeGeneres Show
October 24, 2005

Comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres thrilled four Barbra Streisand superfans when she accepted an invitation to interview Barbra at her California home (which was actually rented for the interview—it wasn't Streisand's actual home). Rick Walker was Director of Photography for this interview segment.

My Name is Barbra & Color Me Barbra

March 2006
PBS Television Stations, USA

Many local PBS stations aired Streisand's 1965 and 1966 televisions specials for their pledge drives.

Tony Bennett: An American Classic

Tony Bennett Special
November 21, 2006

Streisand sang “Smile” with Bennett.

Order the DVD at >>

North American Tour Electronic Press Kit

North American tour press kit
October 2006

Filmed on the tour stage between rehearsals, Streisand answers various questions about why she is touring and what the tour will be like. Her dog, Sammie, makes a cameo appearance.

European Tour Electronic Press Kit

Europe Press Kit
May 2007

Pre-recorded interview with Streisand about touring Europe in concert which was issued to local television stations for promotion.

80th Academy Awards

2008 Oscars
February 24, 2008

Streisand, in a pre-taped segment, reminisced about winning her Oscar for Funny Girl.

AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Warren Beatty

AFI Beatty Tribute
July 8, 2008
USA Cable

AFI has shared Barbra's segment on YouTube >>

AFI's video of Streisand speaking about McGovern >>

Hitman: David Foster & Friends

David Foster and Friends
December 2008
PBS [syndicated]

Recorded live at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, this special featured special musical guests and Foster himself performing. It aired on local PBS stations in December. Streisand appeared in a pre-recorded segment (“David, thanks for spending part of your musical life with me”). You can order a CD/DVD of Hitman: David Foster & Friends from, which includes Streisand's video segment.

The Early Show

Early Show
December 30, 2008

Julie Chen interviewed Streisand while she was in Washington, D.C. to receive the Kennedy Center award. CBS integrated rare footage of Streisand singing Evergreen in her cream gown from her 1994 Madison Square Garden show, as well as newsreel footage of Streisand singing in Central Park in 1967. (You can watch the interview on YouTube.)

Kennedy Center Honors

Kennedy Center Honors
December 30, 2008

Streisand: Live in Concert

Streisand Live in Concert CBS
April 25, 2009

CBS aired an edited, 1-hour version of Streisand: Live 2006.


Oprah Show 2009
September 24, 2009

Streisand interviewed for her Love is the Answer album.

CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning
September 27, 2009

Today Show

Today Show 2009
September 29, 2009

Friday Night With Streisand & Ross

Streisand and Ross
October 2, 2009

One hour interview with Jonathan Ross, promoting Love is the Answer. Streisand sang “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning” and “If You Go Away.”

The Doctors

The Doctors
November 16, 2009

Streisand called into the show to discuss her passionate crusade to support heart health awareness for women, for which she created and endowed the Barbra Streisand Women’s Cardio Vascular Research and Education Program at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

The Paul O'Grady Show

Paul O'Grady Show
December 7, 8, 10, 2009
UK Channel 4

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We Are The World

We Are the World

February 12, 2010

A 3-minute version of the video premiered before the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies. Barbra and the other artists sang the song to benefit the Haitian earthquake relief efforts and the rebuilding of Haiti.

82nd Annual Academy Awards

Streisand on 82nd Oscars
March 7, 2010

Barbra presented Kathryn Bigelow with the Best Director Oscar for The Hurt Locker by saying, “Well, the time has come...” Bigelow was the first woman to win the coveted award.


Berkus Interviews Streisand on Oprah
March 8, 2010

From the Kodak Theatre: Oprah's Annual After-Oscar Party 2010. Oprah's correspondent, Nate Berkus, talked to Streisand backstage at the Oscars.


Streisand said: “I hope there will come a time when it won't be about a woman director and a man director, but just who the best director is, ya know? When there's no regard for gender, but the talent of the work.”


Redford and Streisand on Oprah Show
November 16, 2010

Barbra Streisand appeared for the full hour on Oprah's last season. Streisand was honored by her past leading men via videotape (Jeff Bridges, Mandy Patinkin, Nick Nolte, and Kris Kristofferson appeared). Barbra sang “The Way We Were.” Oprah brought out Robert Redford and the two talked about working together and TWWW sequel that never materialized. Read more.

Good Morning America

Good Morning America 2010
December 15, 2010

Robin Roberts interviewed Barbra Streisand at her Malibu home about her new book.

Larry King Live

Streisand on Larry King
December 15, 2010

On his next-to-last show, King interviewed Streisand at her home for the entire hour.


Streisand on Nightline
December 15, 2010

Expanded interview with Streisand by Robin Roberts.

The Early Show

The Early Show
February 12, 2011

Nancy O'Dell interviewed Streisand at the MusiCares event about her career.

The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards

Streisand on 2011 Grammy Awards
February 13, 2011

Introduced by Kris Kristofferson, Barbra Streisand sang “Evergreen.”

Billboard Music Awards

Streisand on 2011 Billboard Music Awards
May 22, 2011

The Billboard Millennium Award was awarded to singer Beyoncé, who was honored in a video montage by musical veterans like Bono and Stevie Wonder, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Barbra Streisand.


Streisand, on the movie set of My Mother's Curse, said: “Great performers have a sound and style that is all their own. And that's why so many people love Beyoncé. And so do I.”

CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning 2011
August 21, 2011

Streisand interviewed by Bill Whitaker about her new album, What Matters Most.

The 84th Academy Awards

Streisand on 2012 Oscars
February 26,2012

Speaking about the magic of the movies in a pre-filmed mini-documentary segment by “Moneyball” director Bennett Miller, Streisand said: “I could dream there. I could become anything I want. I could be part of the film. I could dream about my own future...


Watch it on YouTube >>

Q Check

September 20, 2012
Streisand on QVC

At the noon segment of Q Check, Barbra called into the show and talked with host Jonathan Redford (related to Robert Redford—first cousin, twice-removed) and Richard Jay-Alexander, who was plugging the CD, Release Me. Barbra talked about the songs on Release Me:


“People have heard about them. And there's some like ‘Glocca Mora’ on YouTube, I guess. So, you know, I figured why not release them since people know about them?”


On why she didn't release the songs in the first place, Streisand said, “I was always more finicky earlier on. If I didn't like one note I didn't release something, but they're pretty good.


“Whatever flaws I think they have ... I'm just leaving them there. I'm less demanding now, more forgiving of myself. It's my work and I wanted to share it with the public.”


Barbra joked during the call-in, “How 'bout I don't even have a copy? I worked on this album for a long time, I don't even have a copy. Can I buy one?”


When Richard Jay-Alexander confessed he bought ten CDs, Barbra said with a laugh, “No! I'm only gonna buy one, Richard.”


Finally, before she hung up, Barbra revealed, “Aren't the vaults interesting? They're humongous. All these side passages filled with these things. There's probably a volume 2 to be had, too, because I have enough songs for volume 2, probably three.”


September 25, 2012
Streisand interviewd by Katie Couric

Streisand appeared on the second week of the new Katie Couric syndicated talk show. Barbra discussed Release Me, her upcoming concert tour, and women's heart health. Read more.

Entertainment Tonight

November 29-30, 2012
Streisand interview with Seth Rogen on ET

Streisand and The Guilt Trip costar Seth Rogen were interviewed by ET's Nancy O'Dell in two parts. A substantial portion of the interview was posted on the ET website.

The Today Show

December 7, 2012
Streisand interview on Today Show 2012

In an exclusive interview with TODAY host Savannah Guthrie about The Guilt Trip and her character Joyce, Barbra said she and the character have lots in common. “Yeah, there's a part of me that's very like Joyce. You know, I'm—I like to be very comfortable, so I was able to wear sweatsuits and sneakers, you know—the part of me that really came from Brooklyn," she said.


To be clear, Streisand emphasized that despite what some people might say, “I'm not a diva. I don't think so,” she said. “I'm very down-to-earth.”

ABC Promos

December 5—8, 2012
Rogen and Streisand on ABC promos

Paramount Pictures ran special clips of Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand inserted in the scheduled primetime programming on the ABC television network for its upcoming feature release The Guilt Trip. The spots culminated with a 60 second sneak preview of the film.

Dr. Phil

December 10, 2012
Streisand on Dr Phil Show

Ten News

December 10, 2012
Streisand interviewed for Ten News

Emma Dallimore interviewed Streisand and Rogen for The Guilt Trip for Channel Ten (Australia).

Piers Morgan Tonight

December 23, 2012
Streisand interviewed by Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan interviewed Barbra Streisand about her film The Guilt Trip and more.

85th Annual Academy Awards

February 24, 2013
Streisand sings on Oscar 2013

Streisand sang “The Way We Were” in tribute to her friend Marvin Hamlisch on the Oscar show.

Back To Brooklyn

November 29, 2013
Back to Brooklyn

Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did for Love

December 27, 2013
Barbra on Hamlisch documentary

Streisand appeared on camera several times discussing her friend Marvin Hamlisch. Included, too, was a short clip of Barbra's rendition of “The Way We Were,” sung during Hamlisch's memorial service in early 2012.

Today Show

February 7, 2014
Today Show 2014

Barbra appeared on the Today Show—on a Friday designated as "red" day to spotlight women's heart health—to speak about her passion for this cause. "It's about gender inequality," said Streisand. "In the last 50 years, most of the research has been focused on men. ... Ever since 1984, more women have died from heart disease than men."


"I don't like to go to opening nights," said Streisand, whose new talent for drawing at home was shown. "I don't even like to have to talk about my work."


"Seeing my name in stainless steel on the building at Cedars-Sinai — I must say I'm just thrilled by it because it's doing something that's bigger than me, bigger than show business. It's hopefully going to save women's lives."



July 30, 2014
Streisand goodbye to Katie Couric

Barbra pre-recorded a thank you segment for the last episode of Katie Couric's daytime talk show. Barbra said: “I want to thank you for giving a boost to so many causes for women. And for inviting women to my website to learn about protecting themselves against heart disease. I really appreciate that. Sending you lots of love and light.”

Today Show (Australia)

September 8, 2014
Today Show Australia
Channel 9

Barbra was interviewed about her new album, Partners, by Karl Stefanovic.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

September 15, 2014
Barbra on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Barbra sang a medley of duets from the new album with Fallon, as well as another song. More here.

Good Morning America

September 16, 2014
Barbra on GMA

Streisand interviewed by Robin Roberts about her new album, Partners. Besides discussing her singing partners, she also talked about those tabloid rumors about her marriage to James Brolin: “We were holding hands … and a guy behind us said 'Oh, you're back together?' And I went -- well my husband knew about this but he didn't tell me -- I said 'When were we apart?' to this guy. And he says, 'Oh, I think, hmm hmmm something or other,' and I said, 'Jim, why, what are they talking about?' He said, 'Well you know, the rags print this stuff.' It's like -- why do they have to make up stories? I don't get it.”

Good Morning Britain

September 16, 2014
Barbra on Good Morning Britain
ITV (U.K.)

Barbra Streisand spoke to Richard Arnold about thenew album. Barbra tells Richard what it was like to work with 'extraordinary talent', from Stevie Wonder to Lionel Richie and Michael Buble. She also chats about the secret to a long and happy marriage, and how she loves spending time alone and with her family.

Sky News

September 16, 2014
Barbra on Sky News

Barbra sat down with Hannah Thomas-Peter to discuss the new album, and pleasing her fans. She said: "Ultimately I want to please them, but it starts with if I can please myself, because I'm my toughest critic, then I will please the audience."

CBC News

September 16, 2014
Streisand on CBC

Interviewed by CBC's Jian Ghomeshi, Barbra talked about Bocceli singing Happy Birthday to her, but how "I don't sing around the house. I don't sing in showers. I don't sing...ever," insisted Streisand. "As a matter of fact, if I sang Happy Birthday at a birthday party I would probably sound lousy."

Entertainment Tonight

September 16, 2014
Entertainment Tonight 2014

Barbra, interviewed by Nancy O'Dell, had a good time here. Barbra confessed: “I did a topless photo with [photographer Richard Avedon] that no one will ever see.” When asked about singing with women partners for the album, Barbra shared that “[Beyonce's] people worked on a track of one of my songs from Star is Born, but we didn't have enough time to ... maybe next time?” O'Dell asked her specifically about the movie adaptation of the musical Gypsy. "It goes in, it goes out. It gets near and goes away," she said of plans to make the film. "It would be my Swan Song," Streisand confessed. "Like Funny Girl started my career, Gypsy -- in theory -- should end it on film as an actress."

Access Hollywood

September 16, 2014
Access Hollywood 2014


September 16, 2014
Exra 2014

A.J. CaCalloway sad down with Barbra to talk about her new album, and also asked her about Hillary Clinton: “Finally ready, finally! I mean think of all the countries that have women leaders, you know, like it’s no big deal… America’s quite a young country. It’s taken us a long, long time to come to the thought that a woman could be President of the United States. I think it’s time for a woman to lead, in a nurturing way.”

The View

September 18, 2014
the View

In a pre-recorded interview, Rosie O'Donnell sat down with her idol Streisand to talk about the new album, Partners. Rosie asked if Barbra recorded these duets live. “Some of them I did first, and the men worked around me,” Barbra answered. “And I sang live with Michael Buble.”

E! News

September 24, 2014
E Network

Barbra interviewed for Partners.


Yahoo News

October 16, 2014
Streisand interviewed by Couric


Katie Couric interviewed Barbra Streisand in three parts. The first part is about her album, Partners.


Click here to watch the interview


Yahoo News

October 23, 2014


Couric continued her interview with Barbra. In part two, they discuss womens' heart disease. To combat problem with awareness of the disease, Barbra Streisand created the #Iamtheladykiller campaign.


Click here to watch the interview


Yahoo News

November 6, 2014
Doctor Andersen and Streisand
Katie Couric, in part three of her interview, talked to Streisand and Dr. Holly Andersen about Women's Heart Alliance, as well as signs all women should notice when it comes to heart attacks.


Click here to watch the interview


Meredith Vieira Show

November 12, 2014
Meredith Vieira Show

Barbra taped her appearance with Vieira in the studio. Barbra revealed secrets of her prolific career and her long-lasting marriage to James Brolin. Plus, why heart disease awareness is such a near and dear cause to her and ways to prevent a heart attack.

Dr. Oz Show

December 9, 2014
Dr. Oz Show
Fox Network


Read more.

Michael Bublé's Christmas in New York

December 17, 2014
Michael Buble


Read more.

Modern Family

January 6, 2016

“Special Guest Star” Barbra Streisand showed up near the end of Modern Family Season 7, Episode 10. The episode was written by Jeffrey Richman, who wrote for the Back to Brooklyn tour, the 2006 tour, and Barbra's show at the Village Vanguard.


In the episode, Haley, Alex and Luke are surprised when Uncle Mitchell comes over to cash in on the birthday coupon they gave him for a belated celebration, so they scramble and end up on an impromptu tour of celebrity homes. Actor Ray Liotta saves the day when he takes the four over to Barbra's house gate where Barbra's voice is heard over the loud speaker.


Modern Family cast at Streisand's gate


Barbra: What's up, Ray?

Ray: Barbra, I have some of your mail from when you used to live over at Cedarhurst and I have a friend here who would ...

Barbra: Just leave the mail by the gate. I'll send someone down.

Ray: Ok, but —

Barbra: Oy! There's more?

Mitch: Hi, Miss Streisand, my name is Mitchell Pritchett and I have been a fan of yours since I can't even remember. Your artistry and integrity has inspired me my whole life. I just can't even believe I'm talking to you right now.

Barbra: Please, I'm just a regular person like you. I have people put on my pants one leg at a time.

Ray: Barbra, today is his birthday!

Barbra: You sound very sweet, Mitchell.

Ray: I was thinking maybe as a special treat, you could —

Barbra: I'm not singing into my gate, Ray.

Mitch: It was very nice to talk to you. I did have a quick question about —

Barbra: Goodbye.

70th Annual Tony Awards

June 12, 2016
Tony Awards

Barbra Streisand closed the Tony Awards by presenting the final award of the night for best musical to Hamilton. Streisand was greeted with a standing ovation. “Thank you, thank you. You're making me verklempt,” she joked.


“Tonight our joy is tinged with sorrow [due to the shootings at an Orlando gay club], but we're here to celebrate Broadway and the beauty that artistry can bring into this world,” Streisand said. “The artists that write the plays, the composers and the lyricists who write the songs, and the actors who bring them to life. Art can entertain us and educate us, and in times like these, console us.”


Streisand wore a long black skirt with a high slit, a matching black jacket and a high-collared blouse with lacy sleeves and collar. “Thank god I picked the right outfit,” she joked, referring to her colonial-style ensemble.

Press for “Encore” and Concert Tour

July 21, 2016
Press for new album and tour

Barbra was interviewed on the syndicated entertainment shows Access, Extra, AP News, and Entertainment Tonight (U.S. and Canada shows). She spoke about her new album, Encore, as well as her upcoming concert tour.

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Barbra TV DVDs

Here's Streisand television shows that are available on DVD & Blu-ray. All “order” links are to


  • Barbra Streisand: The Television Specials — Box set of: My Name Is Barbra (1965), Color Me Barbra (1966), The Belle of 14th Street (1967), A Happening in Central Park (1967), Barbra Streisand... and Other Musical Instruments (1973) [order]
  • My Name is Barbra — Single DVD of 1965 special [order]
  • Color Me Barbra — Single DVD of 1966 special [order]
  • Belle of 14th Street — Single DVD of 1967 special [order]
  • A Happening in Central Park — Single DVD of 1968 special [order]
  • Barbra Streisand And Other Musical Instruments — Single DVD of 1973 special [order]
  • The Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show: Unforgettable Performances Volume 1 — Contains excerpt of Barbra singing “When the Sun Comes Out” [order]
  • The Judy Garland Show, Volume 2 — Contains the 1963 Streisand episode [order]
  • One Voice — Barbra's 1986 concert special [order]
  • Barbra Streisand: The Concert (Live at the MGM Grand) — Jan. 1, 1994 concert [order]
  • Saturday Night Live: The Best of Mike Myers — Barbra's cameo appearance in Linda Richman skit. [order]
  • Timeless: Live in Concert — Barbra's 2000 concert [order]
  • The Directors — 2001 1-hour documentary/interview on Streisand [order]
  • Inside the Actor's Studio: Barbra Streisand — full 2004 interview [order]
  • Tony Bennett: An American Classic — contains Streisand/Bennett duet on “Smile” [order DVD] [order Blu-ray]
  • Hollywood Biographies: The Leading Ladies — Disc 5 contains rare behind-the-scenes footage from The Owl and the Pussycat, Funny Girl, The Way We Were, and Funny Lady. [order]
  • Barbra Streisand: The Concerts — 3 DVD set: Live 2006, The Concert (2004/Anaheim), and Putting It Together: The Making of the Broadway Album. [order]
  • Streisand: Live 2006 — Blu-ray of Barbra's 2006 concert [order Blu-ray]
  • Hitman: David Foster & Friends — Includes Streisand's spoken comments [order Blu-ray]
  • One Night Only Barbra Streisand and Quartet at The Village Vanguard — Barbra's September 26, 2009 live concert [order DVD] [order Blu-ray]
  • MusiCares Tribute to Barbra Streisand — 2011 concert [order DVD] [order Blu-ray]
  • Back To Brooklyn — Barbra's 2012 concert [order CD/DVD]


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