A Film is Born: The Making of 'Yentl'

Film Is Born title

    Broadcast November-December, 1983 [syndicated]

  • Written & Presented by: Iain Johnstone
  • Produced by: Jane Lush
  • Executive Producer: Barry Brown
  • Film Editor: Les Filby
  • Narrator: Gene McGarr
  • Narration Written by: J.B. Wilson
  • Editor: Bee Ottinger
  • Producer: George Suski
  • MGM/UA Entertainment Co.
  • A Suski-Fallick Production for MGM/UA Television Group

Aired in the U.S.: November—December, 1983 (Syndicated)

A Film is Born: The Making of 'Yentl' was a documentary about the making of Barbra Streisand's 1983 film directorial debut. The documentary included interviews with Ms. Streisand and producer Rusty Lemorande, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of Barbra filming the movie.

Stills from the documentary

(Above right): Streisand is affectionate with Yentl's First Stagehand Bill Keenan — he's the crew member who instigated the letter to the press that praised Streisand's temperament on set. In 'A Film Is Born,' Streisand introduces him on camera.

BBC producer Jane Lush brought in Iain Johnstone to write the script and conduct the interviews with Streisand and Lemorande while they were in London making Yentl.

The 40-minute special was edited to 25-minutes for the American market, with new narration added.

(Below): Streisand is interviewed in and out of costume.

Streisand interviewed

(Below): End title from the BBC-version of 'A Film is Born.'

BBC title


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