“Putting It Together”: The Making Of The Broadway Album (1986)

Putting It Together

Broadcast on HBO January 11, 1986

  • Produced by: Joni Rosen
  • Edited by: Tom McQuade
  • CBS Production Coordinator: Jeanne Mattiussi
  • Documentary Footage Produced by: Jerry Kramer & Associates
  • Somewhere Music Video Director: William Friedkin
  • Interview Photographed by: Andrzej Bartowiak
  • Ms. Streisand's Personal Assistant: Renata Buser
  • Hairstylist: Soonie Piak of Bruno and Soonie Salon
  • Appearing in the special:William Friedkin, Stephen Sondheim, Sydney Pollack, David Geffen, Ken Sylk, Richard Baskin, Kim Skalecki, Peter Matz, and our Musicians

Songs in the Special

  • A Sleepin’ Bee (excerpt from the Jack Paar Show)
  • Something's Coming
  • Putting It Together
  • Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine *
  • Concerts DVD contains PUTTING IT TOGETHER specialIf I Loved You
  • Send in the Clowns *
  • Somewhere (music video)
  • * excerpts
  • Buy at Amazon.com [Putting It Together: The Making of The Broadway Album is part of the 3-DVD set, Streisand: The Concerts. [Buy here]

Streisand HBO Special

Barbra Streisand's first television special on HBO debuted in 1986. The special—which combined an interview with director William Friedkin with documentary footage of Barbra in the recording studio making The Broadway Album—was only 40 minutes long.

Putting It Together: The Making of The Broadway Album was a slight, but welcomed addition to Streisand’s collection of television specials.

With Friedkin and Streisand sitting in theater seats (lovingly photographed by Andrzei Bartowiak) and talking about the album, the special intercut documentary footage of Barbra and her collaborators Peter Matz, Sydney Pollack, David Geffen, Ken Sylk, Stephen Sondheim, and boyfriend Richard Baskin.

Scenes from Putting It Together

Streisand fans were treated to a career-length montage of video clips in the opening song, “Something’s Coming.” It was the first time fans got a glimpse of The Belle of 14th Street and Other Musical Instruments which did not debut (officially) on home video until 2005!

HBO magazine advertisement TV ad for Putting It Together

Included was the complete Friedkin-directed music video of “Somewhere,” which was filmed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Streisand in Apollo Theater

The special is also notable for the alternate, jazzy version of “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of Mine,” although it is only excerpted on screen.

Additional lines delivered by the “voices” (which were eventually whittled down on the final track) can be heard during the filming of “Putting It Together.”

The laserdisc of PUTTING IT TOGETHER

Putting It Together: The Making of The Broadway Album debuted on VHS tape and Laserdisc (pictured above) in 1986 and was finally released on DVD in 2009 as part of a 3-DVD set.

Streisand talks expressively about The Broadway Album

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