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My Man / Where Is The Wonder
(# 4-43323)

My Man (2:57) (I. Bibo, L. Woods, M. Yvain)

Where is the Wonder (2:14) (M. Barr, D. McGregor)

Released June 1965

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My Man 7inch label

About the Single

My man ad

“Where is the Wonder” is from 1965's My Name is Barbra album and was written by the songwriting team Dion McGregor and Mmike Barr. As written on their site, here is how Streisand came to sing their song:

In 1962 Barr hustled himself down to the studio of The Today Show when he heard that his favorite young singer, Barbra Streisand, would be appearing on the live TV program that very morning. He caught up with her and her manager, Marty Erlichman, at the elevator, where he handed her the lead sheets to three of their recent songs. Streisand looked them over and responded favorably to one of them, “Where Is The Wonder," on the spot. But it took a year before Erlichman called to say that Streisand was ready to publish and record “Where Is The Wonder," and at that only if the team accepts a contract granting them half of the already publisher-friendly standard minimum. According to Chandler Warren, the attorney Barr and McGregor hired to negotiate the deal, “Erlichman said, ‘We've gots lots of songs. If you want her to sing your fine song, you'll sign the contract. If you don't, we'll get another song.'” They signed the contract.

The sheet music was published (see below) with Sheldon Streisand's photograph of his sister, Barbra, on the cover (just like the My Name is Barbra album).

Where is the Wonder sheet music

Emanuel Music Corp. published the sheet music — the Streisand-owned music publisher was named for her deceased father, Emanuel Streisand. FYI, Streisand also owns music publishing companies Diana Music, Kiki Music, First Artists Music, and Primus Artists Music. Financially, this meant that Streisand shared in the publishing royalties.

Columbia ad for Streisand single, THE MORNING AFTER

It's interesting to talk about Dion McGregor's album, “The Dream World Of Dion McGregor.” According to his official biography, “Dion McGregor dreamt out loud, fully narrating his vivid and often bizarre dreams, which were recorded by his roommate from 1961 to 1967.” The 1964 Decca album has a cult following.

Dutch picture sleeve

(Above: Dutch picture sleeve)

As for the “B” side of this Streisand single, “My Man” is the Fanny Brice standard that was first sung by Streisand on her My Name is Barbra television show, and was later sung for the Funny Girl movie.

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