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Why Did I Choose You / My Love

Why Did I Choose You (3:44) (M. Leonard, H. Martin)

My Love (2:46) (M. Leonard, H. Martin)

Released March 1965

Why Did I Choose You 7inch label

About the Single

Sheet music to Why Did I Choose YOu

Streisand loved the music to The Yearling, with music by Michael Leonard and lyrics by Herbert Martin.

The show, starring David Wayne, opened on December 10th, 1965 at the Alvin Theatre in New York and closed (after only 3 performances) on December 11th. The Yearling was based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a boy and his pet fawn by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

Barbra recorded one song twice: On the album My Name is Barbra, fans can hear “My Pa.”

The 7-inch single, however, contained a complete lyric change, and the titled was changed from “Pa” to “Love” probably because it made the lyric more universal and less show-specific.

“My Pa” “My Love”
My Pa can light my room at night My Love can light the darkest night
with just his being near with just his being near
And make a fearful dream all right And fill my heart with music
by grinning ear to ear. no other heart can hear.
  With one sweet gentle kiss
My Pa can do most anything My love can lift me to the skies
he sets his mind to do. And change the winter into spring
He'd even move a mountain when he looks into my eyes.
if he really wanted to.  
My Pa can sweeten up a day My love can sweeten up a day
that clouds and rain make grey that clouds and rain make grey
And tell me funny stories And just his reassuring smile
that will chase the clouds away. will chase the clouds away.
My Pa's the only one on Earth My love is all the world to me
I can tell my troubles to and I need nothing more
His arms are house and home to me His arms are house and home to me
His face a pretty poem to me His face a lyric poem to me
My Pa's the finest friend I ever knew. The world has known no love like ours before.
I only wish that you My love is all that I am living for.
Could know him too.  

Columbia released “My Love” in March 1965 as a 45-rpm single (#4-43248) on the backside of “Why Did I Choose You?”—also from The Yearling.

My Love music

Streisand recorded several other songs from the score to The Yearling, including “The Kind of Man a Woman Needs,” and “I'm All Smiles.”

Foreign picture sleeve for WHY DID I CHOOSE YOU

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