Partners (2014)

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Partners cover

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CD Tracks

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  1. It Had To Be You (w/ Michael Bublé) [4:24] (Gus Kahn / Isham Jones)
  2. People (w/ Stevie Wonder) [4:17] (Jule Styne / Bob Merrill)
  3. Come Rain Or Come Shine (w/ John Mayer) [4:12] (Harold Arlen / Johnny Mercer)
  4. Evergreen (w/ Babyface) [3:15] (Barbra Streisand / Paul Williams)
  5. New York State Of Mind (w/ Billy Joel) [4:47] (Billy Joel)
  6. I'd Want It To Be You (w/ Blake Shelton) [4:07] (Steve Dorff / Bobby Tomberlin / Jay Landers)
  7. The Way We Were (w/ Lionel Richie) [4:30] (Marvin Hamlisch / Alan & Marilyn Bergman)
  8. I Still Can See Your Face (w/ Andrea Bocelli)[4:15] (Bernie Herms / Charlie Midnight / Jay Landers)
  9. How Deep Is The Ocean (w/ Jason Gould) [4:20] (Irving Berlin)
  10. What Kind Of Fool (w/ John Legend) [4:46] (Barry Gibb / Albhy Galuten)
  11. Somewhere (w/ Josh Groban) [4:07] (Leonard Bernstein / Stephen Sondheim)
  12. Love Me Tender (w/ Elvis Presley)[3:37] (Vera Matson / Elvis Presley)

Deluxe CD—Target Bonus Disc:

  1. Lost Inside of You (with Babyface) *
  2. I've Got a Crush on You (with Frank Sinatra)
  3. I Finally Found Someone (with Bryan Adams)
  4. I Won't Be the One to Let Go (Radio Version) (with Barry Manilow)
  5. Guilty (with Barry Gibb)

* New track; Tracks 2—5 are previously released.

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Individual track credits:

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1. It Had To Be You

Written by: Gus Kahn, Isham Jones

Piano: Randy Waldman

Bass: Chuck Berghoffer

Guitar: Dean Parks

Drums: Peter Erskine

2. People

Written by: Jule Styne, Bob Merrill

Harmonica: Stevie Wonder

Piano, Synths & Rhythm Programming: Walter Afanasieff

Bass: Rickey Minor

Guitars: Michael Ripoll

Drums: Teddy Campbell

Background Vocals: Babyface

3. Come Rain Or Come Shine

Written by: Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer

Guitar Solo: John Mayer

Piano: Walter Afanasieff

Bass: Chuck Berghoffer

Guitar: Dean Parks

Drums: Peter Erskine

4. Evergreen

Written by: Barbra Streisand, Paul Williams

Piano, Bass, Synths & Rhythm Programming: Walter Afanasieff

Guitars: Michael Ripoll

Background Vocals: Babyface

Engineered by: David Reitzas, Tyler Gordon, Paul Boutin and Adrian Bradford



5. New York State of Mind

Written by: Billy Joel

Piano, Bass, Synths & Rhythm Programming: Walter Afanasieff

Guitars: Michael Ripoll

6. I'd Want It To Be With You

Written by: Steve Dorff, Bobby Tomberlin, Jay Landers

Piano, Bass, Synths & Rhythm Programming: Walter Afanasieff

Guitars: Michael Ripoll

Pedal Steel Guitar: Dean Parks


7. The Way We Were

Written by: Marvin Hamlisch, Alan & Marilyn Bergman

Piano, Bass, Synths & Rhythm Programming: Walter Afanasieff

Guitars: Michael Ripoll

Background Vocals: Babyface

8. I Still Can See Your Face

Italian Lyric Translation: Marco Marinangeli

Produced by: Bernie Herms

Written by: Bernie Herms, Charlie Midnight, Jay Landers

Piano, Synth & Rhythm Programming: Bernie Herms

Orchestra Arranged by: Bernie Herms

Conducted by: William A. Ross

Mixed and Edited by: Jochem van der Saag


9. How Deep Is The Ocean

Written by: Irving Berlin

Produced by: Barbra Streisand


10. What Kind of Fool

Written by: Barry Gibb, Albhy Galuten

Piano, Bass, Synths & Rhythm Programming: Walter Afanasieff

Guitars: Michael Ripoll

Background Vocals: Babyface


11. Somewhere

Written by: Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim

Piano, Synths & Rhythm Programming: Walter Afanasieff


12. Love Me Tender

Written by: Vera Matson, Elvis Presley

Guitar, Mandolin and Concertina Programming: Walter Afanasieff

Guitar: Michael Ripoll


LP Tracks

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Front and back sides of LP sleeves

* Note: The LP shipped with the album CD included, as well.

About the Album

Barbra explained why she did a duets album to Q on CBC: “It was a great idea! Instead of having to look for twelve new songs, my producers felt they could do a good job with revisiting a lot of the standards that I've sung, but with a new twist, you know, as a duet.”

As for the actual recording process, “Some of them I did first and the men worked around me,” Barbra confessed to Rosie O'Donnell. “I sang live with Michael Bublé.”

The first song recorded for the album was meant to be a duet with Willie Nelson, who recorded his vocals at Pedernales Studio in Spicewood, Texas in 2012.

That duet never materialized on the final album. Willie Nelson told Larry King in an interview: “She found a writer, had the song written for her and I, recorded it with a scratch vocal, sent it to my studio in Austin, I went in and put my vocal on it, and it was great ... It'll come out one day.”

Several years after the album was released, songwriter Steve Dorff explained the whole story about Willie Nelson on Larry King Now. “It was a song that Barbra and her producer, Jay Landers, loved of mine. They asked me to rewrite it for a duet with Willie Nelson. The song was terrific. It just wasn't in Willie's wheelhouse. The melody is .... It's just not what Willie does. Willie is a free-willing ... Willie does Willie. And this was more of a Hollywood ... intriquite harmonies ... and it just wasn't happening. So we got Blake Shelton to come in and do it.”

The song that Willie recorded, of course, is “I'd Want It To Be You.”

“It's still shocking to me,” Blake Shelton told People about his duet with Streisand. “I don't know how [the duet] came down. I don't know how she knows about me, but I'm just glad. I'm just going with it!

“I remember I kept saying to her, 'Man, thank you. I mean, just thank you for thinking of me.' She couldn't have been more humble and more appreciative for all of us that were part of the record. She was very sweet about it. I don't know, I'm still speechless about it, I really am.”

In many of the interviews to publicize the album, Streisand was asked why there weren't any women duet partners. “We did ask a few women to be on it,” she told Nancy O'Dell, “but there's always a problem with timing. Actually, I really wanted to sing with Beyoncé and her people worked on a track of one of my songs from Star is Born, but we didn't have enough time to ... maybe next time.”

Streisand and Elvis' paths crossed several times over the years, but they never recorded together. They were the first two stars to open the Las Vegas International Hotel in 1969. In 1975, Elvis was performing in Vegas and Barbra went to see his show. Elvis thanked Barbra from the stage, telling the audience she had “one of the finest voices in the world.” And in 1976, Streisand briefly considered Elvis as her co-star in A Star is Born.

Approved by the Presley family, “Love Me Tender” utilized Presley's vocals from the original 1956 recording. When the official Graceland website first announced the duet, they wrote:

This is something that irritates a sector of the Elvis fan community, while other fans see it is a welcome adaptation of a classic, made new again and shared with future generations of fans. Regardless of what side you are on in the debate, you have to admit, it is pretty amazing what can be done with modern technology.

“When I heard him in my headphones, it really was as if he were standing right next to me,” Barbra admitted. “He felt so present to me. In the liner notes of Partners I dedicated this version of ‘Love Me Tender’ to all of the King's fans around the world whose lives were touched by his magical presence and who still miss him today.”

Partners poster

The European Deluxe edition of the album contained 12 tracks, plus the bonus track with Babyface and the previously-released duets ... all on one CD. (Thanks, Jorge Rodriguez, for the scans)

European deluxe CD

Collector's Edition

In 2017, Sony Music Australia released Streisand - Encore & Partners (The Collector's Edition) [Catalog #0889854240523]. A 2-CD set, this version included both Deluxe Editions of Barbra's Streisand's amazing albums Encore and Partners which both charted very highly on the Australian ARIA charts.

Barbra's Press Interviews for Partners

Billboard Charts

The Billboard 200 is a ranking of the 200 highest-selling music albums in the United States, published weekly by Billboard magazine.

Here's the numbers for this Streisand album:

Gold: 500,000 units shipped

Platinum: 1 million units shipped

Below: Barbra at #1. Scan courtesy of Peter Curl.

Partners on chart

Note: The record company must submit an album to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) where it undergoes a certification process to become eligible for an award. The process entails an independent sales audit, which calculates the quantity of singles or albums shipped for sale, net after returns. The audit surveys shipments to the entire music marketplace, including retail, record clubs, television sales, Internet orders and other ancillary markets. Based on the certification of these shipments, a title is awarded Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum or Diamond status. The data here comes directly from official sources, mainly the RIAA online database.


Barbra Streisand's Partners album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, making Barbra the first act to achieve No. 1 albums in each of the last six decades. The duets album sold 196,000 copies in the week ending Sept. 21 according to Nielsen SoundScan. Partners is Streisand's 10th No. 1 album, the largest sales week for a female artist in 2014, and Streisand's biggest sales frame since Higher Ground (it sold 402,000 units in the frame ending Dec. 28, 1997).


The Recording Industry Association of America has certified Barbra Streisand's album "Partners" as gold, with over 500,000 sold. This is the 52nd gold in Streisand's career and the most for any female recording artist in RIAA's history.

“Barbra is the most recognized female in the history of Gold & Platinum album awards,” said Cary Sherman, Chairman & CEO, RIAA.   “What an incredible feat.  It’s no surprise that she’s returning to the top of the charts and earned yet another Gold album.  We congratulate Barbra on her continued extraordinary success.”


On January 20, 2015 the Recording Industry Association of America certified Barbra Streisand's album "Partners" as Platinum, with over 1,000,000 sold. This wass the 31st platinum album in Streisand's career and the most for any female recording artist in RIAA's history.

Below: February 2015, Barbra and her Partners team pose with Platinum certifications. Left-to-right: Columbia SVP Marketing Greg Linn, producer Jay Landers, producer/artist Babyface, Sony U.K. Chairman/CEO Jason Iley, manager Marty Erlichman, Columbia Chairman Rob Stringer, Streisand, Columbia presidentAshley Newton, Sony Music CEO Doug Morris and Columbia EVP/GM Joel Klaiman.

Streisands Partners team poses with Platinum certifications

Grammy Nomination

Album Cover Outtakes

Here's more photos from this session with Streisand by photographer Russell James.

alternate photos by Russell James

ALternate photos of Barbra Streisand


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