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In this age of the internet, it is interesting to look at Barbra Streisand's appearances on commercial radio broadcasts over the years.

At the beginning of her career, Barbra was usually a “talk guest,” speaking live from the radio station. Later, special radio programs were created to publicize her newest album or film.

Below is a list of Streisand's radio appearances.

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Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
The Jack Harris Show WJR, Detroit Feb. 24, 1961 Streisand's first time on radio.
Guest House Detroit Feb. 28, 1961

Streisand sang on the radio, as well as particpated as a talk guest.

According to the auction of Barry Dennen's original Streisand tapes, the following songs were sung on these three Detroit radio shows: * A Taste of Honey * Cry Me A River * Sleepin' Bee * Lover Come Back to Me * When the Sun Comes Out * Soon It's Gonna Rain * Moanin' * Sleepin' Bee * Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

The Jack Harris Show WJR, Detroit April 14, 1961
Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Backstage with Lee Jordan Syndicated September, 1962 Wholesale interview; this interview also appeared on the 1965 album, The Magic of Musical Comedy.
Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Larry King, “Miami Undercover” WPST, Miami March, 1963 The Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, where Streisand was appearing at the time, requested the interview to try to get her some exposure. King recalled: “At the end she says to me: ‘You don’t know me now, but someday you’re going to know me.’ ”
WBBM Chicago, IL June 13, 1963

During her run at Mister Kelly's, Tony Weitzel interviewed Barbra Streisand on his show.

Newspaper listing of WBBM show

Bob Crane Show KNX, Los Angeles, CA * unknown Barbra Streisand (probably in L.A. to film The Dinah Shore Show) commented on the inception of her singing career and her new apartment in New York City.
Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Robbins Nest WNEW-AM, New York March 28, 1964 Hosted by Fred Robbins. The opening of Ray Stark's Funny Girl on Broadway. Robbins interviews Barbra backstage; live audio of “People” from opening night; From the Rainbow Room opening night party, Robbins interviews Ben Hecht, Sophie Tucker, Leonard Sillman, Jason Robards, Lauren Bacall, Ray Stark, Frank Farrell (NY World Telegram), Jule Styne, Bob Merrill, and Diana Kind (Streisand's mother).
People, open-ended interview Columbia Records promotional album Sept., 1964

30 minutes. Produced by Fred Robbins (Robbins’ Nest Productions)

Read More here >>

People open ended interview label

Binny Lum Melbourne radio station 3AK 1964 Listen here >>
Let's Talk to Lucy CBS Sept., 1964

Lucille Ball's radio program consisted of daily 10-minute talks with celebrity guests and lasted one season.

Lucy's interview with Barbra was split into three 10-minute parts.Lucy on CBS radio network

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Malcolm Davis BBC (UK) Oct., 1965
Christmas Seals Campaign 1965 Syndicated Dec., 1965

Christmas Seals LP label

Read more about the radio show, and listen here >>

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Meet Barbra Streisand BBC (UK) April 8, 1966 Listen here >>
Mies en Scene Netherlands Radio May 14, 1966
Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Funny Girl Open End Radio Special Interview Platter Columbia Records promotional album Sept., 1968

Funny Girl radio sleeve

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Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Hello, Dolly! interview 20th Century Fox promotional album Dec., 1969

Hour-long radio special. Featuring Barbra Streisand and special guests. Documentary Open End (for use with local DJ-Commentator).

READ MORE HERE >> Dolly open-ended radio special

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Open House BBC (UK) March 18, 1976

Funny Lady interview

Listen to some of the show here >>

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Barbra Streisand: In Her Words & Music RKO Dec. 26, 1976 Listen to the show here >>
Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
M.G. Kelly telephone interview 93 KHJ, Los Angeles May, 1977

Kelly, a popular L.A. radio D.J., landed the role of the venomous D.J. "Bebe Jesus" in Streisand's 1976 film, A Star is Born. Streisand telephoned the station to discuss her new single, “My Heart Belongs To Me”.

Listen online (Barbra is third from top) >>

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
The Barbra Streisand Special ABC June 24, 1979

Produced by Leslie Corn for ABC Entertainment Radio Network. Executive Producer: Richard Foreman. Hosted by Hy Agens.

51-minute show featured Streisand and associates introducing 12 Streisand songs, and aired on 400 stations.

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Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
The Legend of Barbra Streisand Westwood One/Columbia Nov., 1983

Released to radio stations in 1983 to promote Yentl, this 2-LP interview album contained excerpts from Streisand's most popular song hits.

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Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Barbra Streisand: Portrait of an Artist Westwood One/Columbia Feb. 10, 1992 2-1/2 hour radio show with songs from Streisand's Just For The Record box set.
Simon Bates interview BBC Radio 1 (UK) Feb. 21, 26, 27, 1992 Listen to excerpts here >>
Gloria Hunniford interview BBC Radio 2 (UK) March, 1992 Read more & listen here >>
Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Barbra: The Concert (final four songs) WLTW-FM, New York July 12, 1994
Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Delilah Syndicated, U.S. Dec. 12, 2002 and Jan. 23, 2003

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The Michel Legrand Story BBC Radio 2 (UK) May 3, 2003

Streisand contributed a few comments to this radio special about Legrand.

Read a transcript & listen here >>

Morning Edition National Public Radio October 13, 2003

Barbra Streisand on Singing, Music and the Movies. Susan Stamberg interviews Streisand on the release of The Movie Album.

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The Song Show BBC Radio 2 (UK) October 26, 2003

Russell Davies presented Barbra Streisand on Radio 2. Streisand discussed her astonishing life and career.

Listen to excerpts here >>

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Barbra's “Get Out and Vote” Radio Call-ins KPRS in St. Louis, Missouri; WASN/WRBT/WGFT in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; KEZK in St. Louis Missouri; WIKY in Indiana; KPLV in Las Vegas, Nevada; and WYXB in Indianapolis, Indiana Nov. 3, 2008

Barbra participated in call-in interviews to local radio stations, encouraging people to go out and vote. Streisand took caller questions on five channels on Monday from roughly 4:00 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
An Inside Look at Streisand: The Concerts [Promotional CD—1 hour show] April, 2009

Hosted by Valerie Knight, this one-hour radio special contained four segments of interviews and music and promoted the 3-DVD set Streisand: The Concerts. (Songs included: Starting Here, Starting Now; The Way We Were; Evergreen; Funny Girl; People; What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?; The Music of the Night; Stoney End/Happy Days; and Don't Rain On My Parade).

Concerts Radio CD

Barbra Streisand, Live At The Village Vanguard? NPR, Weekend Edition Sept. 25, 2009 In a telephone interview from The Village Vanguard, proprietor Lorraine Gordon told host Scott Simon the story of Streisand's first appearance at the club. (4:56 minutes) Listen online >>
Barbra Streisand: The Way I Am BBC Radio 2 Oct. 3, 2009 Paul Gambaccini spoke to Barbra Streisand about her new album Love Is The Answer. The interview was interwoven with recordings from Streisand's back catalogue, as she reflected on past achievements and talked about the process of recording a double album with Diana Krall's jazz quartet and the orchestral arranger Johnny Mandel. (2 hours)
Love Is The Answer 2 Disc Interview Q&A Promo CD [Promo CD] Sept., 2009

A two disc promo-only interview CD. Read More Here.


Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Barbra Streisand Shows Off Her 'Passion For Design' NPR, Weekend Edition Saturday December 11, 2010

Streisand discusses her new book, My Passion For Design. (10:03 minutes)

Listen online >>

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Barbra Streisand: From The Way We Were to The Way We Are BBC Radio 2 September 4, 2011

From her home in Malibu, Barbra chats with Academy Award-winning lyricist Don Black. (1:30:00 minutes)

Listen online >>

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Smiley & West Public Radio International April 20, 2012

Streisand guested via telephone on this weekly program from PRI hosted by Cornel West & Tavis Smiley. The hosts interviewed Alan and Marilyn Bergman about their career; Streisand called in to discuss her dear friends.

Listen online at or go to iTunes and download the Podcast.

Fresh Air NPR December 17, 2012

Terry Gross gives us a thorough, 45-minute interview with Barbra Streisand, who was promoting her film, The Guilt Trip.

Listen online >>

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
Barbra Streisand Channel SiriusXM (satellite radio—Sirius channel 69 and XM channel 73) Sept. 12, 2014—Oct. 10, 2014

The Barbra Streisand Channel—an exclusive, limited-run channel—featured music spanning Streisand's legendary career, from her 1963 debut through her newest album, Partners. The channel was fully dedicated to Barbra Streisand's extensive body of work and included selections from her live and studio recordings. The channel also included Streisand's personal song selections from her catalog, spanning 50 years.

SiriusXM Town Hall with Barbra Streisand SiriusXM (satellite radio—Sirius channel 69 and XM channel 73) September 14, 2014 More about this show >>
Here & Now from WBUR and aired on NPR November 14, 2014

Host Robin Young interviewed Barbra Streisand and Dr. Noel Bairey Merz (Director, Barbra Streisand Women's Heart Center) about women's heart health and the #iamtheladykiller campaign.

Podcast of this episode avaiable at iTunes

Graham Norton BBC 2 December 20, 2014

Graham Norton interviewed Streisand over the phone about her album, Partners.

Download the podcast from the BBC

Radio Show Channel Date Notes, etc.
1010 Wins CBS (New York) February 20, 2015

Barbra was voted #1 Iconic Nwe York Celebrity by listeners, and she participated in a 15-minute phone interview.

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