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1994 Concert Tour

San Jose, Calif.

San Jose Arena

June 7, 9, 1994

Streisand reads top ten list in california

Sipping tea and coughing throughout the show, Streisand—despite her bout with laryngitis that forced her to reschedule some California shows—still turned in an amazing opening night performance when The Concert premiered in San Jose on June 7, 1994.

On her first night in San Jose (6/7/94) Barbra dropped “Ordinary Miracles” from the show. She repeated the Top Ten list, but changed #1 on June 9th: “They were having a shoe sale at Nordstroms.” She also told the San Jose audience on 6/9/94: “I will have fond memories of San Jose and I found my way.”

San Jose Set List:

sStreisand concert ad

Act I

Act II

* June 7th only

Top Ten List of Reasons Why She Didn't Perform (à la David Letterman):

10. I always wanted to spend four hot, muggy days in San Jose in the middle of July.

9. I was trying to work out Dan Rostenkowski's* plea bargain.

8. I didn't know it would take a whole week to dust all this furniture.

7. I was at home waiting for the cable guy.

6. I hurt my voice yelling, "Yabba Dabba Doo!"

5. I wanted to get Barbra Streisand tongue depressors into the boutiques.

4. There was a shoe sale at Nordstrom's.

3. I thought my concert tour needed more publicity.

2. It took me three days to read Dan Quayle's new book—and four days to correct the spelling.

1. Every time I started to drive here, I got sidetracked and drove to Disneyland instead.

* Rostenkowski was indicted on corruption charges in 1994 for his key role in the House post office scandal.

Newspaper review of San Jose show

“The Concert” Tour

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North America
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June 4, 1994
June 7, 1994 San Jose, CA San Jose Arena
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June 28, 1994
June 30, 1994
July 10, 1994
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July 18, 1994 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
July 20, 1994
July 22, 1994
July 24, 1994



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