Who's That With John Lindsay?

Felt Forum Theater

Madison Square Garden

New York

October 11, 1969

Lindsay poster

John Lindsay, the mayor of New York city, was running for his second term in 1969. On Saturday, October 11th celebrities who backed the Mayor participated in a $150-a-ticket gala at the Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden. One hour of the live show (including Streisand's three songs) was televised on New York's Channel 7; the preceding two hours were live at MSG.

Streisand looks out into the audience

The celebrities referenced in the show's title (Who's That With John Lindsay ... Alan, Barbra, Frank, and Harry) were Alan King, Streisand, Frank Sinatra, and Harry Belafonte.

Below: A photo of Lindsay in reelection car, holding this magazine with Streisand on the cover.

Lindsay in car reading Streisand magazine

Introduced as a “Super Superstar” by Merv Griffin, Barbra sang a great version of “Don't Rain On My Parade,” which segu├ęd into “People.” Barbra dedicated her next song to Mayor Lindsay and his “concern for air pollution” ... then giggled as she began to sing “On A Clear Day.”

Lindsay was reelected.

Scaasi dress

Arnold Scaasi designed the dress above, which was auctioned by Streisand in 2004 and sold for $1,440.

Streisand, who mostly supported Democrats when she sang for fundraisers, said in a 1998 chat on America Online, “I even helped Republican Mayor John Lindsay because I liked his politics.”

Streisand relaxes after her performance for John Lindsay

Listen to excerpts from the concert below—which was recorded from the television set when the gala was televised. Click the Play button:

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